The Platinum Triangle by TV Hartwell

Deliciously handsome lawyer Jake Doyle is set to marry his college sweetheart, heiress and socialite Amanda Climent. Both scions of prominent, old money Los Angeles families, they seem like the perfect couple who have it all, but their happiness is not shared by everyone, and the people closest to them are desperate to tear them apart. When Jake introduces his new girlfriend to his parents, his mother becomes dead set on breaking things up from the start. Turns out she had an affair with Amanda’s father years before, a secret known only to the two of them. But there’s more that she’s been hiding ever since, and to keep a scandal from unfolding she does everything she can to rid her son of Amanda and her family for good.

Meanwhile, Jake’s longtime bromance with his best friend, Kirby, complicates things. What began as homoerotic horseplay between high school jocks has evolved into something far more serious and enduring. Although Jake has chosen to marry the girl he loves, he’s blindsided when Kirby comes out and professes his love for him. As competing forces collide, untold secrets and lies threaten to derail Jake and Amanda’s dream of a future together, and Jake is faced with a decision he never imagined he’d have to make. **This book is intended for mature readers (18+) and contains adult situations, including M/F and M/M sexual intimacy.

platinum front

About the author:

Trevin “T V” Hartwell is the author of The Platinum Triangle, his debut novel, and the first book of The Platinum Series.

A native Southern Californian, Trevin worked in higher education and the non-profit sector as a professional fundraiser and administrator before becoming a novelist. Over the years, he’s also dabbled in voice overs and acting and has been a minor real estate investor and entrepreneur. Always looking for new ways to express his creatively, Trevin has turned to writing as his newest adventure, combining his love of the written word with his vivid and self-described “over-the-top” imagination.

Trevin joins the small ranks of male authors in the contemporary romance and new adult romance genres. His sweet spot is a story with drama, hot love, and a dose of suspense. You might also get a little religion, politics, history, and pop culture thrown in the mix too as he enjoys writing stories that feature real life issues, in contemporary settings, and with characters who feel like people you know or who you might read about on the Internet or in magazines.

Trevin earned a BA degree from Pepperdine University and an MA degree from American University in Washington, D.C. He lives in California.

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My Review:
This book was a quick, fun, read. It was full of plots, twists, and romance, just like a soap opera. And like a good soap opera, it kept you riveted, wondering what was going to happen next. I was rooting for Jake and Kirby, but it doesn’t look like that was meant to be. However, Jake and Amanda were great together too. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
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