Interview: Michael from Tarot in Words


Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started? What’s your favorite type of readings to do?

Certainly!  First, my name is Michael and I consider myself to be a lifelong student – I absolutely love learning.  I am passionate about language, art, intersectional activism, and spirituality, and I love sharing those things wherever possible.

Regarding tarot, my journey began a little more than two years ago when I started asking questions about my intuition and personal spiritual process.  I had always been interested in my spirituality, but learning to trust and engage my intuition was entirely new to me.  In fact, when I started receiving intuitive messages, I was a little afraid at first, not only because of how tarot and intuition are portrayed in the southern US culture I grew up in (ominous images of fortune-tellers in dark rooms with crystal balls and the like), but also because we are taught that logic is the only real, meaningful way to know things.

Little by little, I learned to set aside my fear and open myself to guidance from within and around myself.  I started Tarot in Words so that I could help others do the same, connecting them to resources for their own personal wellness and spiritual growth.

Can you describe your process? How do you set up for a reading over the phone and online?

Since I began exploring tarot and my intuition around the same time, I have carried the same intuitive process into my readings – which tend to be a mix of tarot tradition, modern astrology, and new age healing arts.  Although I do have some fixed spreads (my three favorites being the chakra, moon, and astrological readings), I generally work with a tree-like style of creating spreads, pulling one card at a time and linking them together as my intuition guides me.  This process makes the relationships between the cards clearer – with one energy flowing into the next – and allows me to build a reading centered around the specific, individual needs of each client.

Though it is easiest to maintain that flow through conversation in live (phone or in-person) readings, I prefer having clients look at the cards with me and engage their imagery – you would be surprised by the kind of insight you can get from just looking at the cards!  For this reason, I also offer typed readings (via instant messaging on Facebook or Skype, or as a PDF summary and analysis) where I can share pictures of the cards and allow clients time to reflect on the message.  Many clients like that they can come back to the reading and review it later.

Regardless of the type of reading, my goal is always to let clients know what energies are at play in their lives, and then to empower them to use those energies in manifesting what they desire.  This means being very honest about the challenges and opportunities in front of them, as well as noting other things to be mindful of along the way.


[Pictured above: some of the oracle cards I created to deepen my intuition using symbols, color, and astrology.]

 What types of readings do you get asked to do the most?

Most of the time, clients are interested in asking about relationships, finances, or the future – and about 90% of the time, it’s the future of romantic relationships they’re wondering about.

New clients tend to ask questions beginning with “when..?” or “will..?” (and other yes/no questions), but since I believe in empowering clients to create their own futures, I always encourage them to work with questions like “How can I..?” or “What energies are available for..?”  This shifts the focus to how we can best work with the energies affecting us at any given time, meaning that clients leave the reading feeling inspired and ready to enact change in their lives.

Do you have any favorite Tarot cards?

I do!  The first to come to mind is the major arcana card VI, the Lovers – I have always been a romantic and an idealist, as is my Piscean nature, and I love that this card speaks to the emotional and spiritual union of disparate parts into something greater.  I often struggle with defining emotional boundaries in my own life and this card serves as a reminder to take care of my energies and not lose sight of my personal values and perspective.

I am also in love with the Hanged Man, the High Priestess, and the Six of Swords, which is my card for the year.  What’s interesting is that when you read someone’s cards for a while, you start to see the same cards appearing over and over for them – everyone has one or two cards which represent where they are in life and the energies they naturally resonate with.  Mine is the Hanged Man or the Queen of Cups.  I would love to see what yours are!


If someone was looking to get a reading, should they do anything special to prepare?

The only thing someone needs to do to prepare for a reading is to be open to sincere reflection and honesty – and a sense of curiosity helps!  Though intuition is certainly part of the process, most of tarot reading is learning to be honest with ourselves and open up to the parts that we might not want to see.

In my readings, I try to provide a safe space for all types of reflection and exploration, so as long as you are open, you already have everything you need to have a wonderful, insightful reading experience.  You don’t even need to know what questions to ask, since I will guide you in finding the right questions for the answers you need.  I am so grateful when others allow me to be part of their process and I look forward to sharing my gifts with whomever I can.

Thank you for providing this space for me to share my work!

Love and light,
Michael, Tarot in Words

To book a reading:


Twitter: @tarotinwords

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