The Talented 2: Past Lives Revealed by Desy Smith‏

The Talented 2:
Past Lives Revealed
The Talented
Book Two
Desy Smith
Genre: YA Romance Fantasy Fiction
Publisher: Floebe Publishing          
Date of Publication: September 20, 2015
ISBN: 978-1512216714
ASIN: 1512216712
Number of pages: 223
Word Count: 55,377
Cover Artist: Rose Smith    
Book Description:
Carmel’s time at the H.O.T hasn’t been all that pleasant.  She’s gotten drugged, captured, and had to endure her painful change.  When Carmel finally starts to enjoy her life at the H.O.T with her friends and her boyfriend Devon; Queen Ice, her annoying past life, contacts her.  Queen Ice not only tells her about the impending battle between the good angels and the evil angels, she also continues to pop up in Carmel’s mind, showing her images from her life in the past.  Now, Carmel, her friends along with her boyfriend, race to find a sword that they believe will give them leverage in the battle to come.
Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as it seems.  There are others who are aware of the sword, and they’ll do anything to retrieve it before Carmel does.  In addition, Carmel can’t use her Water or Ice Talent to help in the battle and she doesn’t know why!  On top of that, there’s one or more people in Carmel’s group who aren’t whom they say they are.  Can Carmel find the sword?  Will she be able to figure out why her Talents aren’t working?  Can she discover who in the group is lying to her and the others about who they really are? 
Be sure to read the second series of The Talented by Author Desy Smith to see how the story unfolds!
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We’re a couple
of streets down from the museum, waiting on Devon to issue instructions.  Earlier, as we laid in bed, I brought up Ms.
Platinum Blonde from the airport. Her name is Tray and as I thought, it wasn’t
anything serious. He did sleep with her before he met me and that was it. It
was just about sex, and honestly, that didn’t bother me. I knew Devon had a
life before he met me. I would be dumb to think otherwise.
“Okay, so here’s
the plan, we go in teams of two.” Devon says inside the car outside the museum.
I know I should have been overjoyed because this is my first mission with them.
But I’m not. My lower back was bothering me. But I endure the pain, because I
knew if Devon found out, I would be left behind, again. “Mel and Ricky are one
team, and Flora.” He says her name with disgust. “And I are another team.”
“Oh, no sir.”
Flora says. “I would rather go by myself.”
“Flora, go with
Devon. This will give you two time to bond with each other.” I add. I look at
Ricky who is nodding his head in agreement.
“I don’t want to
bond with him!” Flora yells. Ricky gently grabs her and they both get out the
car and start talking, well, arguing.
“I told you she
wouldn’t want to do it.” Devon says. I roll my eyes.
“You weren’t
very nice about it.”
“Really? I
thought I was.” Liar. Flora and Ricky open the car door.
“Okay, we’re
ready, and Flora said she would be honored to be in your company.” Ricky says.
“You’re pushing
it.” Flora replies with her arms cross, glaring at Devon.
            We make our way toward the back
entrance of the museum, where two dead police officers are holding the door
already here.” Devon says and Flora gives him a ‘duh’ look. He and Ricky move
them both inside the door and close it. I notice the alarm on the right side of
the door, smoking.
“The alarm
system has been fried, which prevents the alarm from being triggered.” He tells
us. “Okay, let’s go ahead and split up. Flora and I will take downstairs, Mel
and Ricky will take the second floor and we will meet on the third floor, and
divide that equally.” He turns his attention to Ricky. “If anything happens to
Carmel, do know I will take your life.” Ricky sighs while I roll my eyes. There
he goes again, threatening to kill people.
The museum is
really creepy at night without any lighting and people. I and Ricky’s first
stop is the Egyptian room.
“Did the
Egyptians exist when the angels were here?” I question. Even though my back is
killing me, and I want to soak in a bathtub, eating eggs with syrup, I am
joyous because I have alone time with Ricky, which means I can grill him.
“Yes, remember
the angels came down when Adam and Eve were placed on earth.” Oh yeah. I start
to recall the story Flora told me. 
 “Your great times 10 grandfather knows a lot
about the Angels.” I say as I pick up another vase and look inside before
tossing it in the ‘don’t need’ pile. “I think it’s amazing how the stories of
Queen Ice were passed down from child to child, but maybe they’re a little less
than factual.”
“I don’t believe
I understand what you’re implying.” I turn to look at him, and try to make out
his facial expression but couldn’t because of the moonlight being the only
lighting in the museum.
“I’m just saying
people tell stories to each other and sometimes they add a little extra in.
Who’s to say that didn’t happen?” I’m purposely trying to anger him, hoping his
rage will make him spill his secret accidently.
“It didn’t.”
“How would you
know? You weren’t there?” I stand up. “Or were you?”
“You’re acting
like Devon now. Do you have something to say, or will you speak in riddles for
the rest of the night?” Ricky states calmly, showing no signs of anger.
“Were you there,
Ricky?” I ask, getting to the point, enough of the bull crap.
“There, as in I
was an Angel in the Angel era?”
            “Yes.” He laughs.
unlikely, I would be very old and senile.” Anything is possible, I say to
myself, repeating what Ice told me weeks ago.
“Well, I don’t
believe we age like humans. Actually, I think we can be century’s old and still
look young.” Like Ricky, I thought. “Time doesn’t matter to us.” Suddenly, a light
bulb goes off in my mind. I make my way to the wall where a directory is hung.
I notice a room on the third floor dedicated to artifacts with no accurate
time. Otherwise known as the Timeless room. The vase has to be in there.
“I think I
figured it out, Ricky.”
“What, how
angels age?” I shake my head.
“Nope, I think I
know where the vase is at.” I run out the door, ignoring Ricky as he calls my
name, and up the stairs. I walk down the hall until I come upon a cracked door
with the words Timeless printed in white calligraphy on the door. I found it.
I’m sitting on
the floor, looking through another row of blue vases. I was starting to
understand how Devon felt, this whole thing is repetitive and annoying. I want
to find the vase and be done with this part of the mission. I keep asking Ice
if she sees the vase, but of course, when I need her the most, she ignores me.
I get ready to
give up, until a particular vase catches my attention in the moonlight, almost
like God was putting a spotlight on it. 
The vase is round, and blue with snow white flames from the bottom to
top. It’s really beautiful. I go to grab it and turn it upside down. On the
bottom there is an engraving.
“Engraved it
shall say To Queen, From Flame.” Ice says. Look who finally decides to make an
appearance. I look at the inscription and it says just that.
About the Author:
Desiree “Desy” Smith was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  As an avid reader, Desy read several books until she ran out of things to read.  Having nothing else to read, at the age of thirteen, she decided to write her own book.  Her love for reading soon turned into a passion for writing.  She self-published her first book, The Talented, under Floebe Publishing, which she started to  give a voice to new and aspiring authors.  Desy writes to inspire and to provide an escape for anyone who wants to live in a fantasy world without worrying about the challenges of everyday life.  The Talented is part one of a five part series, with the second installment arriving finally here.  Currently, Desy is hard at work on her third novel, Supernatural Resident Advisor with an expected release date of October 2015.  Desy’s genre of choice is fantasy romance fiction.  Aside from reading and writing Desy enjoys various types of food, especially dessert.  When she’s not reading she can probably be found eating a cupcake or two.
Instagram: Author_Desydiva23 

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