Overcome Your Sedentary Lifestyle by PJ Sharon


Overcome Your Sedentary Lifestyle is the practical guide you need to get you motivated and moving toward a more balanced and active lifestyle. Author and holistic health care professional, PJ Sharon, includes tips to keep you healthy—even if sitting is in your job description. Ms. Sharon offers easy to implement solutions for proper work station set-up, exercises for injury prevention and treatment, and a practical plan for self-care success—whether you’re perched on the couch, or on the way to fulfilling your dreams.

Isn’t it time for you to stand up for your life?

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 Let’s say you’re a newbie at the sedentary lifestyle thing. You’ve avoided getting sucked into social media, gaming, driving an hour to work each way, sitting for hours staring at a computer screen, or otherwise abusing your body by hanging out in all the wrong places. Right? You exercise four or five times a week, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and you eat your veggies and drink your eight glasses of water daily. Kudos! Prevention for you is easy. Keep those healthy habits and you’ll be golden.

But give into the bad habits of poor posture and sedentary living, and over time, the effects will creep up on you before you can say Ouch! You’ll start to put on a few pounds, notice more frequent headaches, maybe a stiff neck or sore shoulders, and then…bam! What is that tingling in my hands, and why am I waking up in the morning and crawling out of bed like a tin man with rusty hinges?

It might be five years or ten years down the road, but trust me, adopting unhealthy habits now will catch up with you eventually. Once the damage to joints is done, and muscle imbalances abound, you’ll likely end up in the pain management group. I’m not being fatalistic or mean. I’m telling it like it is. We can’t control everything, but the choices we make today affect us tomorrow. It’s that simple…and that complicated. Car accidents happen. Falls happen. Genetics and family dynamics influence who we are and how we make choices in our everyday lives. And as hard as we try to be good, inevitably someone brings chocolate or doughnuts—or chocolate doughnuts—into the office, and we are caught in a moment of weakness.

Although prevention in this case is worth several pounds of cure, there is only so much we can do to combat the stress on the body that is inflicted by eight-plus hours a day at our computers and workstations. Students are required to sit in class all day and then study at night, full time employees are responsible for meeting quotas, and editors have firm deadlines for authors. Even as an author, I work under tremendous pressure to finish the next book, and spend hours a day on promotion and marketing. But here’s the thing. It comes down to choices. As with most things in life, we can choose to give in to what’s easy, or we can choose to do what is in our best interest. Hiding from reality isn’t going to make the hard stuff go away. That chocolate is still going to be there. Suddenly, prevention doesn’t seem so easy.

I’ll go back to what I said before. You can’t be perfect all the time, but think in percentages. If I eat the right foods eighty percent of the time, it won’t kill me to eat a nice piece of dark chocolate now and then—or even a doughnut. Gorging on a whole box of bonbons or munchkins? Not okay. Take one. Savor it. Chew it twenty times before swallowing. Drink a glass of water afterwards and go find something else to do besides stare at the box longingly on the countertop. Or move them out of your vision entirely. Better yet, tell your spouse, co-workers, or employees to knock off the sweets at the office and recommend rotating turns and each bringing a healthy snack once a week. Start a walking group at lunch time. Buddy up and ask for support in your weight loss and activity goals. Be proactive about your health and support those around you to be the healthiest they can be. You’ll be surprised by who will join in.


In addition to authoring award-winning young adult novels, PJ Sharon owns the holistic health care practice, ABSolute Fitness and Therapeutic Bodywork in East Granby, CT. With over twenty-five years in the health and fitness industry, Ms. Sharon finally wrote the book all her clients have been asking for. Overcome your Sedentary Lifestyle is a holistic living, self-help book, written to get people motivated and moving toward a more balanced and active lifestyle.

When she’s not writing romantic and hopeful stories for teens, or spreading the love through her practice, she can be found kayaking in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, and renovating an old farmhouse with the love of her life.


E-mail address:  pjsharon64@gmail.com

Website: http://www.pjsharon.com

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5 Star Reviews:

Written in a friendly manner by an experienced Holistic Health Care professional, Overcome Your Sedentary Life Style is a comprehensive, whole body guide to managing your overall well-being and fitness and alleviating and preventing muscular aches and pains. In addition to providing beautifully illustrated diagrams and exercises, P. J. Sharon helps you understand why you have pain and what to do about it. This book covers such issues as selecting appropriate therapists, controlling your diet to maintain your weight and overall good health, and managing stress. If you take care of yourself, P. J. Sharon, maintains, you will not only feel and look great, but you will have more energy and motivation to achieve your goals. Included are recipes for yummy smoothies and tricks to help you along the journey to good health. Once you finish reading this book, keep it handy as a reference. Your body will thank you. I know mine has!  — Joy Smith, author of “Oh No, They’re Engaged!: A Sanity Guide for the Mother of the Bride or Groom”

Overcome your Sedentary Lifestyle is a book that everyone can benefit from reading. It is so well written, packed with information and easy to understand. There are many wonderful photos, throughout the book to illustrate the stretches and exercises for each part of the body. I am a Jewelry Designer. I have to sit for long periods of time and to constantly use my hands for detail work. I have found this book to be extremely helpful in that it has given me ways to work “smarter” and life a healthier life. — Sharon Bridge

A great guide to have for all your aches and pains. Written in a friendly and easy to understand manner, but also by a trustworthy source. Feel safe to try the stretches in this book. — Katy Lee, RITA nominated Love Inspired author

This book is especially great for beginners. It is easy to read and understand. It isn’t overly preachy and has some great tips/tricks/references. — Ann, Goodreads reviewer

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  1. PJ Sharon says:

    Thanks for featuring my book today! I so appreciate the invite:-) I’m always happy to respond to comments or answer questions from readers.


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