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About the book:

Subam takes place within an alternate reality within the all to near future, it’s the year 2020 when  a charismatic leader arises after a great crisis shocks America causing new levels of fear, this new and upcoming politician is soon overwhelming  accepted by the people who are more than willing to give away their individualism for the collective safety of all. Though not long after this new found saviour is sworn to office his motives soon turn dark as the people now must face this radical and deadly change.   Subam follows the lives of 17 people while trying to adjust to this new world,   fighting and struggling just to stay alive in a world no longer theirs. Just as our survivors of this man-made fascist apocalypse begin to adjust to this new way of life they are faced with something far worse.

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My name is Jake Stalk and in fourteen hours Subam will be dead. The reign of president Subam has been one disaster after another. It all started with the bombing of The Brooklyn Bridge and a small group of terrorists from Palestine, who had been funded by Hamas and Iran, attached bombs to The Brooklyn Bridge. When the bombs where detonated 6,000 people were killed. The current administration at that time had very little answers and even less solutions on how to prevent something like this from happening again. The American people became increasingly fearful to even live there lives always anticipating the next terrorist attack. The anger towards the ever lacking administration grew more and more each day. So much so that during the election season people across the country refused to vote for or even to accept a Republican or Democratic candidate for president. That’s when a smooth talking man from The Communists Party came forward.  Sen. James Subam during the campaign Subam asked “Can a nation be free if it oppresses other nations? No, it can’t.” He then told the American people “We where attacked because of our social excess and very much because of our support for Israel. You see. The capitalist jew and those who follow them they are the ones to blame for the horrible attack perpetrated you see the Palestinian people were only defending themselves from constant attacks committed by the Jews and those greedy money lovers who follow you see” sen. Subam continued, “As I watched these useful idiots applaud and cheer, my mind went backwards in a way as I sat watching his campaign speech from the recliner in my living room Sen. Subam continued by, Socialism will meet the needs of the great majority of our people and lay the basis for solving our social economic and most of all our environmental problems.” To my surprise the majority of the American people bought it. “Hook line and sinker”.  President Hannity tried desperately to stop the United States from making the worst decision in our nation’s history as he put it and I agreed with President Hannity but the will of the America people was to strong. On January 20, 2020, James Subam was sworn in as the 46th president of the united states of America. After which President Subam wasted no time imposing his rule, Subam took complete control of people’s private land and locking anyone up that disagreed. Subam then put drones in the sky the drones flew night and day watching us. Any person brave enough to speak out against President Subam and what he was doing was thrown in prison indefinitely.  My friend, Ivan Valentin saw what was happening and he didn’t like it to say the least. I remember Ivan telling me on the day Subam was elected that he would start a war with him if necessary. “Aren’t you talking treason?”I asked. Ivan replied “Sometimes the traitor turns out being the most patriotic one of them all.” He then grinned before walking out.  The last time I saw Ivan was on the TV. As he stood in front of a firing wall, He then gave the fire squad a salute and he was gone. My friend Ivan died as a hero. At the age of 29 he was killed by cowards, yet still I didn’t fight. No! I’m ashamed to say it but I submitted and told my self that a 56 year old Cuban wasn’t any match for the US Army and god forbid that Subam learned about my Jewish blood. Hell I can’t raise an army. As I thought to myself, No! Ivan was brave but he was also stupid. Much like most of America I just stood by and let my country be taken away from me. The United States was replaced by a soviet like police state. Subam was ruthless with those who crossed him. Even having the Vice President, tarred feathered and executed on the white house lawn. Two years after his Presidency, the roomers surrounding the incident involving Vice President Andronikos Archelaus, was that Vice President Archelaus made a comment about Subam’s tie. That alone caused the humiliation and execution of the late Vice President. For that reason I’ve decided that I would just lay low and try to not bring on any unwanted attention. I wasn’t about to pull an Ivan… What good would it do me or my wife Isabella stalk Castro or my son diego stalk juan Castro to see me standing against a wall waiting to be killed? No! My family doesn’t deserve to see that. I told myself that we would just try and live our lives best as possible and we did. We lived an almost decent life for six years. On the day of January 23, 2028, Subam’s police came to my house killed my wife and took my son. Now the eighth year anniversary of my friend Ivan’s death I will finish what he has started.  I just wish I would have woken up sooner… Shit! I should have taken my family out of here six fucking years ago, when I saw the Vice President murdered live on T.V. Man that S.O.B Subam sure loves an audience. I couldn’t tell you the number of people president Subam has executed live from the white house for the past eight years. Now finally after tonight Subam’s reign of terror will come to an end! I’ve acquired a fake identification with the help of my fallen comrade Carls’ ex girlfriend Natalia, has been more then helpful. In my quest to end Subam and with him his progressive counter parts.  As I look down at my watch I see I have 13 hours remaining. I know I have to move quick but I must also be smart. I only have one chance to get this right. I can only pray that the fake diplomate papers Carls’ ex Natalia acquired works long enough to put and end to Subam along with other big players in his new progressive order. After I kill Subam I plan to set a bomb using trip wire packed with enough explosives to leave a crater the size of popigai in Siberia but first things first I need to get inside The White House. Thanks to Natalia, I’ve acquired a diplomatic meeting with President Subam. All I can do now is hope Natalia’s man on the inside is as good as she claims he is. Shit as long as he can get me in without suspicion just long enough to get the job done. God knows the chance of getting out alive is slim to none and that’s at my best case scenario. My plan is quite simple after i enter the White House I will have precisely ten minutes to shoot Subam, set the bomb and make my escape. All I have to do now is wait for Natalia to contact me with details about meeting her man on the inside. One final look at my watch before I rest, tells me all will take place in less then 13 hours… I awoken by my ringing cell I answer to Natalia’s soft Eastern European accent. “Jake are you alone?”.Of course what’s wrong?  “my contact he is dead now. I fear President Subam’s cheka has information about you and our plan.” What? Natalia how the Hell did this happen? “I am sorry jake but you may be in danger.”  Just like that before I could even finish my thought I heard Subam’s police banging at my door. I then quickly grabbed my gun, realising my options I head for the window. Jumping through the window I land on the grass on the side of my house. I hear Subam’s police yelling at me to stop as I duck into the alley they begin to shoot at me.


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I was excited to get the chance to read Subam and because I have Kindle Unlimited, I was able to read this book for free. The thing that struck me most about this book is how timely it is and although it’s science fiction, the events in this book could happen if we’re not careful. I had some issues with the typographical errors, mostly grammar and spelling mistakes, however, the plight of the characters carried me through and I kept turning the pages because I wanted to know how it was all going to end.  There is a lot of violence, torture and rape in this book. It’s not for the faint of heart. However, it shows the viciousness of human nature very well and the triumph of the human spirit.  The story is told via many points of view, each person getting their own chapter. Subam is raw and gritty. It is very compelling and well worth your time to download it and read.

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