Truth & Lies Series by Jamie K. Schmidt

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Aged out of the system and battle worn from unsuccessful foster care, four women on the cusp of adulthood find passion and their paths in life through the help of an anonymous fairy godmother type who calls herself the Benefactrix.

An erotic New Adult series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Jamie K. Schmidt

Truth Kills

Book One of the Truth & Lies Series

Truth Kills

College freshmen, Phoebe’s new lover is sexy, creative and willing to let her act out all her dirty fantasies. Unfortunately, Keith’s not telling her the truth about who he really is and the secret past that binds them together. When his Uncle breaks out of prison to search for the “girl who got away,” Keith risks losing the best thing in his life by admitting to Phoebe that his Uncle killed her parents.

Available for here $2.99 to own / FREE on Kindle Unlimited to borrow.


“Wow! This book kept me on pins and needles the entire time. It has everything that I love in a read. I enjoyed this story so much.” – Reviews from the Heart.

“WOW!!! What an amazing read!!! if you are looking for the quick and steamy read, that is full of wonderful characters, and an intriguing storyline and twists and turns that keep you turning the page, then look no further….READ THIS BOOK!!!!!” — Book Bitches Blog

Truth Reveals

Book Two of the Truth & Lies Series

Truth Reveals

When Maryanne is given a scholarship to spend the summer after high school painting in the French countryside, she tries to reinvent herself from the foster kid whose parents loved meth more than they did her. But when Henri, the French caretaker of the chateau she’s staying at, treats her like a spoiled rich girl, she’s determined to make him sorry and seduces him–only it backfires and she’s the one enthralled. Taken aback by the dark passion and the intense lovemaking, Maryanne feels forced to keep up the lie when a gossipy neighbor tells her that Henri is looking for an heiress to save the chateau from creditors.

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Truth Thrills

Book Three of the Truth & Lies Series

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Larissa Estevez was a doorstop baby. She was left at the hospital and taken in by the orphanage. Never chosen for a foster family, Larissa devoted herself to helping the other children. Her only indulgence was baking cookies and treats. She loved to be in the kitchen. When the Benefactrix gets her a job as a pastry chef at the hottest new restaurant, Larissa is on the spot. This is her one shot and she can’t blow it, even if there are others in the kitchen who are setting her up to fail. Chef Rick O’Dell can’t believe the owner hired a novice to accentuate his daily specials. She’s so new, she squeaks. But he can’t deny her talent. Her confections are a taste of heaven so is her body. But she’s such a doormat. When he breaks up a fight between her and the sous chef, she’s grateful to him so much so that she offers him anything he wants if he protects her from the vindictive employees who are sabotaging her desserts. What started out as a joke, turned into reality when she agreed to be his sex slave. Not knowing how far to take it, Rick pushes the envelope of her submissiveness and finds himself enslaved instead. When a kitchen fire points to Larissa being to blame, Rick takes responsibility for it and is fired. Then he’s framed for stealing money out of the cash register. Larissa is determined to prove he’s innocent, and not just because he makes her feel like she’s worth something, but because she’s sick of being a doormat.

Available for Pre-order here $2.99 to own / FREE on Kindle Unlimited to borrow.

Release Date: May 9, 2016

Truth Decides

Book Four of the Truth & Lies Series

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After a hot night of jungle sex, Kelly finds out the man she was intimate with was her on-again, off-again boyfriend’s brother. Staying at their family’s compound in Belize, Kelly is building up her photo portfolio with her new camera and sneaking around with Esteban. But when it’s time to go and Kelly wants to stay, her off-again boyfriend, Chad, tells her that if she doesn’t smuggle drugs back into the US he’ll be killed. But if Kelly does what Chad wants, she’ll never see Esteban again.

Available for Pre-order here $2.99 to own / FREE on Kindle Unlimited to borrow.

Release Date: May 29, 2016


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