Please welcome the very talented Jianne Carlo to the blog today!

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Hi everyone! My name’s Jianne Carlo and I write hot romance laced with comedy, drama, and suspense.

Today, I’m celebrating my latest paranormal release, SOUL DEEP, the first book in my White Wolf series. There will be a total of five novels in the series, but all can be read as standalone (all of my books are independent—one of my pet peeves is having to wait months to find out the ending of a story.

Thank you so much, Zenny, for hosting me on your beautiful blog. I love your color scheme, its’ soothing and inviting.

Speaking of colors prompts me to wonder what color represents certain feelings. Everyone associates red with love, but what color is rage? Red, too? Maybe, because both are extreme emotions. Then is hate also red, because it’s the opposite of love? I don’t think so. Hate to me should be pure black and implosive. Cheerful must be daisy yellow. Happy has to be a kaleidoscope of bright and brilliant colors. Grief must be pervasive and solidly gray.


What colors do you associate with love, rage, hate, cheerful, and happy?

If I had to color code Mike and Melanie the primary characters in SOUL DEEP, Mike would be a deep, dark navy, while Melanie is a range of yellow and oranges.

Why navy for Mike? Because he’s a professional gambler and has trained himself not to show his feelings.

Yellow and oranges for Melanie to reflect her inherent and unrelenting optimism and happy nature.

Here’s a short scene from SOUL DEEP:


Melanie needed space.

The bitter taint of fear had smothered her unique scent, and he knew the second she’d regretted making love to him. Mike headed outside to the shower by the lake. The ice in the wind didn’t cool the heat waves still radiating from his body.


He hadn’t expected that. Not after all these years. Not after she admitted to having a birth-control implant.

His dick hardened, and Mike glanced down and halted in midlope. Two streaks of blood stained his greedy cock. Only the shit-eating grin claiming his mouth prevented a long, victorious howl.

His. All his.

He backtracked, grabbed a clean cloth from the tool shed, carefully wiped the evidence of her purity from his aching boner, and growled when he spread the rag. The evidence of their first mating imprinted in his memory cells like a brain tattoo.


He crushed the fabric, debated for a half breath, surrendered to his alpha, and buried his nose in the cloth. For long moments he savored her unique Melanie musk. After hanging the rectangular piece of fabric on a hook, he sprinted to the shower and turned the spray on full blast. Five minutes under the frosty water didn’t faze his hopeful erection one iota.

The stiff breeze dried his flesh before he retrieved his clothes and boots from the pickup’s bed. What was she thinking? He couldn’t believe she hadn’t known about the tribe rejecting him and Drake. How? Her father had been an elder. It didn’t make sense. Wait a minute, he’d been an elder in his old tribe. Did being an elder transfer?

Buttoning his shirt, he wandered back to the cabin. The door stood half-open, and he glimpsed Melanie, fully dressed, coat belted, purse in hand, standing to the right of the kitchen table. Hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, lips pursed like a Sunday school teacher, stubborn chin jutting, and eyes narrowed, she looked ready for battle. Time to throw her off-kilter again.

“Drake called. I need to go back into town—”

She cut his out-and-out lie off. “That’s fine. The bus stop’s not far from here—”

“I’ll drop you there. It’s on the way out.” Mike forced back a snarl. She could only push him so far.

She shuffled a couple of steps and avoided meeting his gaze. “Thank you.”

Recognizing that he needed to choose his battles in order to win the war, Mike decided not to argue the point. No matter what she said or did, he’d escort her home, one way or another. Wanting to muss her silly with one slamming orgasm after another until she wore that half-dazed, sexy bee-stung smile of earlier, he set his hand to the small of her back and told his dick to take a hike.


I hope you enjoyed that little taste of SOUL DEEP.

Two of my books—SINNER & PRYMAL LUST— are FREE on Amazon this month, so please download them! Here are the links:

CarloGet it here


Get it here

Once again thank you to Zenny for hosting me today.

Have a great day and remember to check my site——or my FB author page——— on April 28, 2016 for the announcement of the winners!



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