The Seeker by Lissa Trevor

The Seeker

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Rose is the black sheep of her affluent family. She’s a powerful mage, but instead of living a life of service in a pampered cloister, she escapes to try to make her own way in the world. However, on her own, she finds out very quickly that mages who live outside of the confines of the coven are hated and feared. They are hunted and in some cases executed without a trial.

Bret is a mage hunter who has vowed to keep the peace between the mages and the non-magical population because he has seen the damage an out-of-control mage can do. When he’s hired by Rose’s family to get her back, he’s not expecting to admire the cigar smoking hellion. After he deposits her back to her family after a night of mutual passion, he doesn’t expect the feelings she evoked of protectiveness and duty. He negotiates with her family that should she ever escape again, to give him the contract on retrieving her first.

Rose is resentful of being kept in a gilded cage and becomes an outlaw to save rogue mages who are being executed. As the masked Seeker, she can protect her identity and fight for the rights of less fortunate mages. However when Bret is hired to take down The Seeker, her double life takes a deadly turn as she’s forced to square off against her lover, the one man who has managed to touch her heart.


About the author:


Lissa Trevor, 2016 Ippy Gold medalist in erotica, is a writer with very few boundaries. She’s written a fictional tale of a real gigolo in The Vegas Virgin, and helped tell the story of an intersex love affair that turned into an adult movie in Going for the Gold. Not a stranger to controversy, her debut novel, Spank Me, Mr. Darcy, was a tongue-in-cheek (among other places) version of Pride & Prejudice. From LifeStyle Mirror: “Fans of classics and historical romances will appreciate this Jane Austen-meets-kink mashup, using Pride and Prejudice as the jumping-off point. Do you like bodice-ripping? Oh, there’s bodice-ripping, all right, and then some.” She steps into the erotic paranormal with her Loose-Id books Shifting Currents and Triad. Lissa lets you star in your own erotic story in Coliloquy’s interactive Valentwined series. She is a frequent reader at Riverdale Avenue Book’s Between the Covers events.

Ippy Gold award

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