The Age of Consciousness by Anthony R. Riche


Mankind has been through many changes since the first humanoid, the homo sapiens, was first conceived. Over time, humans have evolved beyond the humble beginnings of the barren lands of the Early Stone Ages, up to our modern era of computing and technological advances. But there is a much larger change that awaits mankind-one that perhaps he cannot envision for himself. This is a change, unlike any other known in recorded history, and it could affect every living being on the face of the planet. Challenging times are ahead for those who inhabit the Earth as mankind’s time has come to evolve beyond his collective unconscious level. This time will not call for humanity to evolve towards his evolution, but rather to become it in order to evolve. The changes required must come from within- deep within every human’s psyche which is where true evolution occurs. The Age of Consciousness challenges the myths and illusions that are keeping humanity from evolving while providing an encyclopedic amount of tools and resources which can assist in becoming more conscious and aware. The Age of Consciousness also sheds light on current affairs that is affecting the planet today and provides insight on how these challenges can be met. The Age of Consciousness is for anyone interested in obtaining a deeper spiritual meaning in life while exploring and creating intellectual expansion and expansive consciousness. You will gain inner-knowledge and insight which can contribute to a major shift in perspective as Riche shares information never before published. And if knowledge is power, then the Age of Consciousness can provide the knowledge and power to revolutionize the way you live and see the future.

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About the Author


Consciousness leader and speaker, Anthony R. Riche is the author of The Age of Consciousness, and the founder of Consciousness Rising Enterprises. He is a speaker with The Shift-a retreat committed to interpersonal transformations. He has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine and various online outlets and has consulted and appeared on HBO. As a life coach, his knowledge and wisdom has helped countless others make major changes in their lives. He currently lives in Pacific Beach; San Diego, CA and enjoys the pleasant year-round weather.
What people are saying about The Age of Consciousness . . .
The Age of Consciousness is a well-written book! It was a good demonstration of the need and importance of real-time experience rather than mere knowledge! — 5-star review on Amazon
I received a review copy of the Age of Consciousness and I was blown away by the relevance of this book.  It is an uplifting tale of a journey out of darkness and away from the negativity of modern life.  But it’s also a textbook and a guidebook as well.  Well researched and intelligent, it is at times philosophical and a guide for becoming present and more self-aware.  It’s a fascinating read and I highly recommend it.
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