The Queen’s Mystery – Jamie K. Schmidt

Free Prequel novella to the critically acclaimed Emerging Queens series.

The Queen's Mystery Baseline

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Paranormal Romance from USA Today Bestselling Author, Jamie K. Schmidt

In a modern world where dragons are the social elite, humans idolize them. But dragon society is dying. A Queen, a female dragon, hasn’t been born or hatched in centuries. The Queen’s Mystery is a prequel novella to the Emerging Queen’s series. Bianca is a human with a problem. She just landed her dream job of working as a dragon-human liaison at the Smythe Corporation, but for some reason dragon studs keep following her around. When Niall, the All Knowing, a golden Celtic dragon sends her to get a rare book written by the Order of the Dragon Slayers, Bianca is stunned by her attraction to the esoteric book store owner. Byron is a dragon who is still mourning his long lost Queen. The fact that Bianca’s scent reminds him of his only love is enough to intrigue him, but when the Order of the Dragon Slayers take her away from him, it brings out the protector in him and he’ll stop at nothing to get her back.

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