Rude Boy USA by Victoria Bolton


Say good-bye to the era of godfathers. The Chimera Group has put a new face on organized crime.

Mob boss Bernie Banks and his associates—John, Ben, and Jerome—differ from your ordinary Sicilian and Irish mob families. Two white, two black, they style themselves after the Rude Boy culture made popular in Jamaica.

Operating as a shell investment company supported by illegal activities, the Chimera Group hopes to become as powerful as other crime families and gain respect from the Cosa Nostra. Bernie, a war veteran of Jewish and Greek descent, begins his business in his apartment and grows it into a multimillion-dollar empire. He and his crew resemble a more sophisticated subculture of urban street gangsters with their Ray-Ban sunglasses, loafers, and debonair style. But they want fear and admiration.

Their efforts draw the attention of the rival Ambrosino family, and they face internal strife when one of the associates begins dating a former Playboy Club waitress who wants in on the group.

Will they make it to the top, or will they fall?

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What people are saying about Rude Boy USA:

“Bolton aptly captures the tempestuous spirit of the time–a volatile brew of political radicalism, crime, racial tension, and sexual libertinism–and her painstaking historical research is evident on virtually every page.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Love, betrayal, friendships, and gang connections all simmer beneath the atmosphere of the 1960s in New York City, making for a riveting, highly recommended read especially recommended for fans of historical novels or mob stories.” – D.Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Rude Boy USA is a provocative and direct hit.“-  Carol Davala, Hollywood BookReview
About the Author:

Writer Victoria Bolton lives in New York. A graduate of the College of Westchester, she works as a computer technician in schools and as a part-time actress. Bolton previously released the books in the Rude Boy USA series (Rude Boy USA Series Volume 1), BunnyWine (Rude Boy USA Series Volume 2) and Looking for Mr. Potential under the pen name La’Ketta T. Bolton in 2000.Victoria Bolton is currently working on her next novel.





Zenny’s 5-star review

If you’re a fan of the movies Casino or Donnie Brasco, this book is for you.  Celia AKA Bunny  “A brown skinned, brown eyed version of a young Elizabeth Taylor” and John “the Conqueror” are star crossed lovers.  They meet and fall in love while John is still married, although once Bunny finds out, she ends things.  But fate has more in store for them and the book takes you through the 1960s in New York and Jamaica while the gangster life works its way through a cast of engaging supporting characters.  Ben & Brenda and Jerome & Mariana have their own stories in this book as well.  This book has it all, warring mafia families, romance, intrigue and an insider guide to  life during the Vietnam era.


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