Charles C. Martin releases the Legend of the Great Grandaddy Crawdaddy – Lone Survivor



Dedicated to the strong kids who made it through the Great Flood of 2016. In this story about a crawfish taken from his home in South Louisiana, the great grandaddy crawdaddy battles boats, dogs, pool robots, and boiling pots. Throughout his journey he never gives up and becomes a local legend.

Written from a flooded home in Denham Springs, Louisiana the author witnessed first-hand the strength and resilience of the children in the community.

“These kids had just started a new school year. 90% of their homes flooded. Keep in mind most of these are homes that have never comes close to flooding. Suddenly you had children who lost almost everything, living in homes with exposed walls, trailers, hotel rooms, friends living rooms. Their worlds were turned upside down. You would think the amount of complaining would reach biblical proportions. No way. It was like they just shifted to their new world. Smaller things, like an AC turning on made them happy. This book is about never giving up and that is exactly what these kids are doing. ”

The author has made a free digital copy of The Legend of the Great Grandaddy Crawdaddy – Lone Survivor available here –

The book can also be purchased online at

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