.99 cents SALE!! Gods Behaving Badly by Mickey Ann


Hecate (Cate) is a fallen goddess pining over the loss of her soul to Hades. How does an immortal trapped in a human body cope with ennui and a persistent ex? She does what every human does, of course. She drinks too much and sees her therapist once a week. Pithy and sadly lacking in social skills, Cate is determined to make the most of her ordinary life, even if Hades has other plans for her.

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Vibrant, unique, and wholly absorbing, God’s Behaving Badly Book One is the first of this genre-bending series. Blurring the lines between fantasy and the paranormal, author Mickey Ann’s contemporary retellings of Egyptian and Greek mythology revolves around the passion and energy of her multi-ethnic characters reinvigorating the ancient stories of tragedy and fantasy that have stood the test of time.


Mickey Ann is a Trekkie, a yoga lover and social butterfly. Only one of these things is true so clearly she’s also a liar.
A liar? Well, that makes sense, since she is recovering lawyer! (Don’t stop reading, please!)

Since hanging up her lawyer hat, she has worked as a career coach and has gho
stwritten for others. This is her debut novel.

Gods Behaving Badly (Book II)—Fall 2016
Gods Behaving Badly (Book III)—Spring 2017
The Weight of Rope–Spring 2017

Find Mickey on the following platforms!

website: authormickeyann.com
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/finewritingsite/
Smashwords author page: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/MickeyAnn


Keep an eye out for book 2 which will be out in December . .  gods2

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