Rodeo Outlaw: The Circuit by Nathaniel Wake



Hot, naughty, and ready to ride, the Circuit rodeo will never be the same when a mysterious bad-boy rider enters the local competition. A lone drifter from out of town, this enigmatic cowboy steals the eyes, hearts, and minds of the female entrants who seek to compete for more than just the championship title…


After falling under the spell of the local barrel-racing Champ, one bad-boy cowboy finds he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Unable to keep his hands to himself, the competition heats up to an explosive climax guaranteed to have you begging for more.

Sexy, steamy, and incredibly intense, this slam-style debut into cowboy erotica will have you hot and bothered from the very first scene. Take a ride on the wild side with this all-new Western Romance from Nathaniel Wake and grab your copy of Rodeo Outlaw: The Circuit today!

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Bestselling romance author and man of mystery, Nathaniel Wake has dedicated his life to writing the sexy and adventurous, contemporary Western romances that are widely enjoyed today.

A homegrown cowboy, Nathaniel lets the passion of the Wild West speak for itself through his vast library of romance novels. Sultry, seductive, and a little bit naughty, Nathaniel’s work bridges the divide between the wild abandon of the cowboy-aesthetic and the natural beauty of awakened passion.

When he’s not busy writing his next great hit, Nathaniel enjoys the thrill of the outdoors and the inspiration it provides. As a health enthusiast, and natural remedy addict, Nathaniel’s work branches out from the seductive skyways of Western romance into the healthy-living genre as well, with a prolific catalog under his belt buckle that includes alternative living guidebooks, and more.

Mr. Wake lives many lives: a writer, father, lover, and cowboy. His passion for life, love, and all it has to offer is reflected in his vast library of sultry, steamy classics.

Join us here and at – The adventure is there waiting. You just have to saddle up and join the ride. @nathaielwake
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