Spotlight: James Patterson’s Bookshots Flames

If you’re looking for a short, sweet, and sexy read, James Patterson’s Bookshots Flames is right for you.  These novellas are great to read in line at the bank or DMV or over tea or hot cocoa at home.  Don’t have a lot of time to read a full length book, but craving a good story?  These books are tightly plotted, quickly paced, and have snappy dialogue that reaches you into the story. James Patterson compares these books to reading a movie.  You can find them at your local books stores or online.


Her second chance at love. . .

Chelsea O’Kane escapes to Maine with a gun and fresh bruises. She’s ready to begin anew–until she runs into her old flame, Jeremy Holland. As he helps to fix her inn, her heart heals and they rediscover what they once loved about each other. But as the two play house, it starts to seem too good to last. . . .

The McCullagh Inn in Maine by Jen McLaughlin


The golden boy of football just went bad.

Quarterback Grayson Knight has a squeaky-clean reputation in the football world. So when he’s arrested for drug possession, lawyer Melissa St. James knows that something doesn’t add up. It’s clear he’s hiding something, though he denies it. But there’s one thing he can’t deny–he wants Melissa.

Sacking the Quarterback by Samantha Towle


The most eligible bachelor on Capitol Hill has met his match.

Abbie Whitmore is good at her job. She knows how to protect people, and she’s always right–until Congressman Jonathan Lassiter comes along. The presidential hopeful refuses to believe that his politics have put him in danger, yet Abbie’s determined to keep him safe. But how can she protect him while she’s guarding her heart?

Bodyguard by Jessica Linden.


With beating hearts and bated breath…
Ashley Montoya was in love with Mack McLeroy in high school–until he broke her heart. When an accident brings him back home to Sunnybell to recover, Ashley’s determined to avoid him, but Mack can’t stay away. And the more she’s with him, the more she can’t help but to fall into his embrace…
The Return by Erin Knightley
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