Drug of Choice by Mark van Stratum


Mark is a successful affiliate marketer with several businesses boasting millions of dollars in profit. He has created a fulfilling life, which he shares with his beautiful fiancé and a world-wide circle of friends. But his inspiring life of today grew out of a dark and dangerous past.

In this gripping tale, van Stratum brings a once-in-a-lifetime read of his experience growing up with one arm in a small town where he developed a savage temper and a criminal mindset. After a violent robbery by rival drug dealers he had a flash of insight that his life must change, or it would quickly end.

After moving to a new country without telling a soul, Mark penetrates the secret world of pick-up artists and learns an incredible skill set that enables him to get the most desired women on the planet. In Drug of Choice, Mark offers insightful lessons about the power of choices to change your business, relationships, and life.

This story teaches that your choices are both the cause of your problems and the key to your success. It will make you believe again that it’s never too late to change.

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About the author:

Mark Van Stratum lost his arm when he was five years old in an accident.
He has been expelled from every school he attended.markk
He’s pulled off daring heists and spent months on the run.
He penetrated the secret world of pickup artists, sleeping with the most beautiful women, and teaching other men how to do the same.
He has started several online marketing agencies that have made him multiple millions of dollars in profit.
And now, he is engaged to be married to the love of his life.



Thoughts about the book:

If a millionaire told you that he found success after being hit by a train, going to prison, dealing drugs and forgetting friends… would you follow his footsteps?

DRUG OF CHOICE: The Inspiring True Story Of The One-Armed Criminal Who Mastered Love And Made Millions.

Over the past year, Mark has written a book about his journey from a bad childhood in which he lost my arm at age 5, until being a millionaire through internet marketing campaigns.

In between he has been to prison, addicted to drugs, a professional dating coach, and much more.

He’s done his best to tell his story as honest as possible, even if it meant telling things he did not want anyone to know. It’s an honest book, with what I believe are valuable lessons that can be used in life, dating, and business.

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