Let’s Get Pregnant: Little-Known Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods to Boost Fertility (Focus Tai Chi) by Keith Brewer


This book introduces little-known techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, that can help boost your fertility and help you get pregnant. TCM is a well-established branch of medicine that has been around for thousands of years and uses natural, holistic methods.

The book describes in detail 1) a powerful TCM recipe for boosting fertility, 2) acupressure points to stimulate the proper energies, 3) a special set of easy qigong exercises with profound benefits, and 4) a very important way of breathing to help harmonize the body for pregnancy. This last technique has been recognized by the Mayo Clinic and other top scientific institutions as a proven method for releasing stress and helping many health conditions.

Also included are free access to videos and chart downloads (in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius) with an explanation on how to track the monthly cycle.

This book applies both ancient and modern medical principles to provide an integrative approach to healthy conception. It is for all couples who are trying to have a baby, but particularly for the woman who wants to boost her fertility and become healthier through natural methods, without harsh drugs or invasive procedures.

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This book is thorough and full of interesting facts.  It’s easy to read, with clear explanations and great videos. The exercises are simple and fun to do.

Don’t miss the special bone broth recipe! It’s is really delicious and is all the rage now!

About the Author:

Keith Brewer is today’s leading expert in tai chi transformation and is excited to share his knowledge with audiences and organizations around the world. Keith is an active tai chi andr keithd martial arts instructor in the Detroit, Michigan area where he currently owns and operates focustaichi.com. He has published numerous articles, is a certified instructor with the American Tai Chi & Qigong Association, and authored “Let’s Get Pregnant”- a look at fertility with traditional Chinese medical concepts. Keith is a dynamic and inspiring speaker that is capable of giving your event or organization the spark it needs to be on the path to success and increased productivity.





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