The Man in Blue by C.S. Luis


Claudia Belle never imagined what life would be like with her parents gone. Now she must face that horrible reality.

With her parents, dead and her grandfather a perfect stranger, Claudia has never felt so alone. Her mind-reading abilities have always made her feel like an outcast. And now will those same abilities reveal who she really is?

Following the death of Dr. Edwards, a new principal is sent to take his place, undercover for a secret organization called The Company. The Man in Blue’s true mission is the identification and eradication of alien life forms. The entity he pursues, this time, is as dangerous as they come. He must identify the source of the creature’s powers to capture the subject and complete his job.

There is just one problem, his one weakness: women. And Claudia fits the description of his dream girl.

Success or downfall. Which outcome awaits him?

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C.S Luis is the author the paranormal romance, The Man in Blue Vol. 1&2, from The Claudia Belle Series. She is currently working on the her 8th book. The first 4 books of the series are on sale on Amazon. The Man in Blue Vol. 1&2, The Extraction vol. 1, The Arrival of the Man in Blue vol. 2, The Connection vol. 3, and The Return of the Man in Blue vol. 4.cs

On her share time C.S Luis enjoys oil painting, drawing as well as reading and writing.
Her favorite authors include Anne Rice, Joe Hill, L.J Smith, E.L James, Christopher Moore, Chuck Palahniuk to name a few.

You can find out more about C.S Luis books on her Facebook @TheClaudiaBelleseries, or follow her on twitter @CSluis2, Book Daily

***** FIVE STAR REVIEW *****
After her parents die in a tragic accident, psychic Claudia Belle goes to live with her estranged grandfather, who also has supernatural powers. However, danger continues to stalk her when an alien appears at her high school because Claudia has something they need.  Enter the hero, in this paranormal romance.  John Slater, the Man in Blue, is a government agent whose job it is to catch aliens. He goes undercover in the high school to catch this alien, but he wasn’t counting on falling in love.  The Man in Blue is a very creative story with a lot of action and romance.  It’s a fun, quick read.
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