Seasons by Iesha Walker


Troy Delaney has spent her dating years compartmentalizing the men in her life. She never felt the need to settle down or foster any real connections with them. Men were necessary, but interchangeable. They were necessary because “Like the four seasons each one of them served a purpose” in her life. They were interchangeable because if they failed to fulfill their purpose they could be replaced by the next man who could.

This is an erotic fiction book.

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Iesha S. Walker has an insatiable lust for romance and adventure. She is a New Jersey ieshnative with a longstanding passion for writing. She’s spent years writing and editing content for others and is now ready to release her own work. She creates stories that will transport and enchant you into a world of passion, romance, and eroticism.
***** FIVE STAR REVIEW *****
This is a hot, erotic book. It starts off with a bang and keeps on going.  Steamy and raw, it’s a page turner.
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