Book of the Day: The Taste of Broken by Lucy Torres


Imagine going to bed tonight, not knowing the moment you close your eyes will be the last time you feel whole and healthy- ever again.

The Taste of Broken explores the painful question of whether a normal life is possible amidst the chaos of an unsuspecting and unknown illness. From the initial shock of injury, to the bittersweet discovery of romance, to the rupture of it all, this poetic journey travels through the psyche of a young woman in search of a new sense of normalcy.

The Taste of Broken is an autobiographical story about love- the love one receives in the wake of loss, but also the love one finds upon recovery: the love of life.



What I want to pass on to you, should I not have children

The unseen symmetry in existence.

The shape of life may seem uneven, rutted;

All things come to a balance, however late

equilibrium settles into the cartilage of time.

My memories of what true love tastes like;

and the tartness of heartache’s dejection-

As a reminder that everything is fragile and fresh

and intricately beautiful in its transiency.

My words- the many millions of them carved

into varied sorts of paper derivatives and technological formats.

Dilapidated, mismatched, full of lament or jubilation;

The only inheritance I can leave for you

as a portrait of my modest genes and literary ribosomes.


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About the author:

Lucy Torres is a writer, poet, artist and activist based in NYC.  A native of Queens and first-generation Chilean American, Lucy has been an architect of literary worlds since the age of nine.  From her college reporter days interviewing Antonio Banderas and Francine Prose to having her own fictitious humor advice column, Lucy’s first love has always been the creative writing field.  She is a women’s rights activist and is an advocate for gender/racial/class equality, fighter of self-love and body positivity. She spends her time working on her art and enjoying life with friends, family and artist boyfriend.



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