Coming Soon . . . Two Dukes & A Lady by Lorna James

Lady Lily

Coming August 7th From Entangled Publishing . . . 

Two Dukes & A Lady

Charles Ashdown, Duke of Densmore and his closest friend William Kenwood, Duke of Tennison vowed to never settle down. The rest of the ton just assumed that the wild rakehells loved gambling and womanizing too much to ever be ensnared by a debutante.  The truth was that all of the individual womanizing was fun, but more importantly, they preferred to indulge in the forbidden passion of sharing a woman. Certainly no decent wife would ever allow the debauchery they enjoyed to continue. But the only woman they’d ever loved — the one that got away — has suddenly returned to them.

Lily Drew’s husband died under suspicious circumstances and she had returned to England before those circumstances could ruin her reputation.  But the fear doesn’t go away and she only finds peace while spending time with her girlhood crushes, Charles and William.  They haven’t changed a bit, still unapologetically crass and self-centered, but she loves them both anyway.  She would have married one of them if she could have chosen between the two of them and or either one of them had ever asked.  But in the end, the decision had been taken out of her hands when her father had married her off to a wealthy American.

However, when she finds her dead husband has left behind more debts than she has ways of paying, she has no other solution than to remarry.  Tossing a coin, she proposes to one of them: Charles.  While she was prepared for his refusal, Lily was not prepared for the terms of his acceptance.  She was prepared to be a wife to one of the hellions, but wife to the other one behind closed doors as well…





Meet the Dukes

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