Love Song by Natashia Brewer


Amelia Robinson is a young business owner who has experienced great success in the music industry. She is strong and driven when it comes to business. She knows what she wants and does not settle for less. Unfortunately, the lioness in the boardroom becomes a kitten when it comes to her love life. Amelia finds herself in a long term relationship that has not been fulfilling in years, but she continues to stay. Amelia has been lied to, abused, used, and cheated on. She is conflicted because she has an opportunity to feel true love; yet she struggles to accept that she deserves to be happy in love.

Amelia has a tough road ahead of her because she has to do some soul searching. She has to determine her value, worth, and what is acceptable for her in love. She will explore her points of reference of love which were established long ago. It was the experiences with her parents and family. It was her experiences with friends. It was her experiences with past lovers. These experiences showed her an interpretation of what love is; how it looks, how it feels, how it tastes, how it smells, everything.

If Amelia had to pen her life’s love song in her current state, it would be dark and full of pain. Her mission is to write her life’s love song as something beautiful and magical. Follow Amelia on this journey to discover and create her life’s love song.

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What the critics are saying about Love Song:

“A Must Read! Love Song was an awesome read! I was instantly taken in by the characters in this book, especially Amelia. This book will hit home with many women who read it because we have all been in a situation where you didn’t want to let go or was afraid of letting go. Once you determine what is holding you back, walking away will be a breeze. This book shares the process one must take in order to determine the root cause of why we do certain things. We all have a past and believe it or not, it does impact your future. Great job Natashia and thanks for sharing your “Love Song”.” — Robin Corbin

About the author:

Natashia Brewer is an author, songwriter, music producer who was born and raised in Washington, DC. She works hard to provide quality products that are created with love. Her message is that all we need is love to prosper. Natashia has the innate ability to draw people into her stories and her music in her own unique way.

Previously, Natashia held various positions in corporate America from receptionist to IT project manager. She has always had the ability to grow and advaAuthor Imagence. Nothing is more of a testament to her tenacity than what she endured this year – 2017. Not only did she lose her job but her marriage was failing. In the midst of all this transition, Natashia got still and listened to God’s guidance. From that silence she produced the following: a book, workbook/program, and wrote over 50 songs (incl. donating songs to sick kids). Natashia is a fighter and she wants to help others to grow and to never give up.

Natashia currently lives in Laurel MD with her two kids.




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