Book of the Day: The Taste of Broken by Lucy Torres


Imagine going to bed tonight, not knowing the moment you close your eyes will be the last time you feel whole and healthy- ever again.

The Taste of Broken explores the painful question of whether a normal life is possible amidst the chaos of an unsuspecting and unknown illness. From the initial shock of injury, to the bittersweet discovery of romance, to the rupture of it all, this poetic journey travels through the psyche of a young woman in search of a new sense of normalcy.

The Taste of Broken is an autobiographical story about love- the love one receives in the wake of loss, but also the love one finds upon recovery: the love of life.



What I want to pass on to you, should I not have children

The unseen symmetry in existence.

The shape of life may seem uneven, rutted;

All things come to a balance, however late

equilibrium settles into the cartilage of time.

My memories of what true love tastes like;

and the tartness of heartache’s dejection-

As a reminder that everything is fragile and fresh

and intricately beautiful in its transiency.

My words- the many millions of them carved

into varied sorts of paper derivatives and technological formats.

Dilapidated, mismatched, full of lament or jubilation;

The only inheritance I can leave for you

as a portrait of my modest genes and literary ribosomes.


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About the author:

Lucy Torres is a writer, poet, artist and activist based in NYC.  A native of Queens and first-generation Chilean American, Lucy has been an architect of literary worlds since the age of nine.  From her college reporter days interviewing Antonio Banderas and Francine Prose to having her own fictitious humor advice column, Lucy’s first love has always been the creative writing field.  She is a women’s rights activist and is an advocate for gender/racial/class equality, fighter of self-love and body positivity. She spends her time working on her art and enjoying life with friends, family and artist boyfriend.



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Contest for Romance Writers!

Romance writers! Have you seen this? Write your best “meet cute” scene and enter it! Not only are we giving away $1,300 in cash prizes, but we’ll have a free online workshop for all entrants with our judge, USA Today bestselling romance author, Jamie K. Schmidt.


Click here for details.

$1,300 Cash Prizes

1st prize = $650
2nd prize = $350
3rd prize = $100
4th prize = $100
5th prize = $100

Free Online Workshop

All entrants are invited to a free instructional online workshop with our esteemed judge.

Free Critique

Our judge* is a bestselling romance writer who will critique each winning entry to get it closer to submission-ready!

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Entries can be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • Entries must follow manuscript submission guidelines as stated on our Contest Rules page HERE.
  • Entries deemed pornographic or gratuitously violent will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be submitted via our online form by midnight Pacific Time on July 31, 2017.
  • There is a $19 reading fee per manuscript to enter the contest.
  • You may enter more than one manuscript but each entry requires a $19 reading fee.
  • Every writer who enters will be invited to the online workshop for free where the winning entries are critiqued. (Non-entrants pay $7.)

Submissions will be judged on clarity, originality, potential in the market, interaction between the characters, and your ability to match standard manuscript format (double spacing, clear contact information, no creative use of fonts).

The winning entries in this Meet Cute contest will be announced at a live online workshop within 60 days after the contest closes. All contest entrants will be invited free of charge. (Non-entrants may attend for a nominal fee of $7.)
This is a great opportunity to build your writing and submitting skills!

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Moralities for Life: Thoughts and Behaviors Justified by Dr. Hussam Atef Elkhatib


“Happiness is a form of energy and so is anger. Emotions are a form of vigor and so is love. Sadness is a form of dynamism and so is delight. What matters is how a person steers their mindset and how they direct their stance.”
Dr. Hussam Atef Elkhatib, Moralities for Life: Thoughts and Behaviors Justified


Book Description:

Moralities for Life are thoughts that roam through everyone’s mind at one time or another. They are concerns everyone once has had and remained with them until they became a part of what one intrinsically is. People often contemplate and wonder about ethics, friendships, society, religion, politics, relations, romance, faith, emotions, reactions, interactions, sexuality and the like. This book encompasses those concerns and much more. It projects their sensitivities in a neutral sense that is inclusive, yet bears in mind humanity as a whole. Those moralities have transpired from observations and experiences around the world, and are presented through a logical comprehensive method. The purpose is to provide joy that emerges from a selfless vision and elation that springs from a constructive attitude toward one’s own surroundings. This new outlook would be liable to aid one with a pragmatic vision that is optimistic and has a positive affirmation.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited.  Or buy now on Amazon.

See what the critics are saying:

5-star reviews!

  • Clever writing from a wide range of life experiences.  A brilliant read for all ages regardless of passion, profession, socioeconomic or ideology. 
  • It touched my heart and soul in so many ways. Everything I have ever thought about or crossed my mind I found it here. Nerve-soothing and mind-enriching for sure. It was a great read.

About the Author:
Dr. Elkhatib views himself as a son of this world. He lived an eventful life in numerous countries across the globe, and that made him impartially identify with everyone. Writing to him is a mere matter of inspiration that he perceives as a total blessing. The author is also a poet whose inspiration derives from a spiritual life of his own. He worked in several professions in a variety of fields. His academic education comprises of a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education, MBA, and PhD in Business Administration.



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Romantic Times 2017 SWAG & Freebie Round Up

Are you disappointed that you didn’t get to go to the Romantic Times conference last week in Atlanta, GA?

Well, I’ve got some goodies from some authors that might make you feel a little better about not being able to join the party.

FREE ebook downloads:

This offers are for a limited time!

SEAL of her Dreams by Paige Tyler visit to get your copy.

Tough Love by Skye Warren visit to get your copy.

The Queen’s Mystery by Jamie K. Schmidt.  Available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The Pawn by Skye Warren visit to get your copy.

Gone with the Dead: a romance and horror anthology.  FREE on Smashwords with this code: GT22B  ENDS May 8th!!!  Hurry!!

Flawless by Jan Moran visit to get your copy.

Talon by Theresa Hissong visit to get your copy.

My Wicked Trainers by Ann Mayburn. Available at Barnes & Noble.

Diary of a Single Wedding Planner by Violet Howe. Available at Amazon.

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Seasons by Iesha Walker


Troy Delaney has spent her dating years compartmentalizing the men in her life. She never felt the need to settle down or foster any real connections with them. Men were necessary, but interchangeable. They were necessary because “Like the four seasons each one of them served a purpose” in her life. They were interchangeable because if they failed to fulfill their purpose they could be replaced by the next man who could.

This is an erotic fiction book.

Buy now:

Amazon Paperback:

Amazon Kindle (ebook):

Barnes and Noble Paperback:

Barnes and Noble Nook (ebook):


Iesha S. Walker has an insatiable lust for romance and adventure. She is a New Jersey ieshnative with a longstanding passion for writing. She’s spent years writing and editing content for others and is now ready to release her own work. She creates stories that will transport and enchant you into a world of passion, romance, and eroticism.
***** FIVE STAR REVIEW *****
This is a hot, erotic book. It starts off with a bang and keeps on going.  Steamy and raw, it’s a page turner.
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The Man in Blue by C.S. Luis


Claudia Belle never imagined what life would be like with her parents gone. Now she must face that horrible reality.

With her parents, dead and her grandfather a perfect stranger, Claudia has never felt so alone. Her mind-reading abilities have always made her feel like an outcast. And now will those same abilities reveal who she really is?

Following the death of Dr. Edwards, a new principal is sent to take his place, undercover for a secret organization called The Company. The Man in Blue’s true mission is the identification and eradication of alien life forms. The entity he pursues, this time, is as dangerous as they come. He must identify the source of the creature’s powers to capture the subject and complete his job.

There is just one problem, his one weakness: women. And Claudia fits the description of his dream girl.

Success or downfall. Which outcome awaits him?

FREE on Kindle Unlimited.  Buy now on Amazon.


C.S Luis is the author the paranormal romance, The Man in Blue Vol. 1&2, from The Claudia Belle Series. She is currently working on the her 8th book. The first 4 books of the series are on sale on Amazon. The Man in Blue Vol. 1&2, The Extraction vol. 1, The Arrival of the Man in Blue vol. 2, The Connection vol. 3, and The Return of the Man in Blue vol. 4.cs

On her share time C.S Luis enjoys oil painting, drawing as well as reading and writing.
Her favorite authors include Anne Rice, Joe Hill, L.J Smith, E.L James, Christopher Moore, Chuck Palahniuk to name a few.

You can find out more about C.S Luis books on her Facebook @TheClaudiaBelleseries, or follow her on twitter @CSluis2, Book Daily

***** FIVE STAR REVIEW *****
After her parents die in a tragic accident, psychic Claudia Belle goes to live with her estranged grandfather, who also has supernatural powers. However, danger continues to stalk her when an alien appears at her high school because Claudia has something they need.  Enter the hero, in this paranormal romance.  John Slater, the Man in Blue, is a government agent whose job it is to catch aliens. He goes undercover in the high school to catch this alien, but he wasn’t counting on falling in love.  The Man in Blue is a very creative story with a lot of action and romance.  It’s a fun, quick read.
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1000 px Queens myster

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